This page is curently under construction, but in a nut shell, ATDC becasme SADE and DDs continued to be experimented with. Of particular focus were the trials associated with coping with boggy ground and bank preparation for River Crossings.

WIth the secrecy surrouding the DDs now gone, their use is sea operations would be unlikely, however they were still regarded as a sensible option for river crossing operations.

Experiments with Mats and DDs. Known as GinandIt the device proved too unwieldly
Trials with mats. This one was known as Moses, and could fold down allowing for DDs to cross over soft ground
One way to over come fast flowing river currents was simply to tether the DD to a wire rope. The equipment was originally developed by the First US Army in Europe in 1944, and further trials of TRAVELLER was conducted at Burton upon Stather

I will complete this page very shortly, covering a few of the wierd and wonderful contraptions the Military developed up until 1951.